User Guide

Magento Abandoned Cart extension is same as the alert in order to take customers back their abandoned cart and boost online sales with the best deals - coupon codes offered for them.

Abandoned Cart List

Manage abandoned carts

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Abandoned Cart

Mass abandoned carts are listed as the above table and you will follow them through customer name, abandoned items, subtotal and time setting.

Set time to hold abandoned carts

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Settings

You will offer time interval to add shopping carts into abandoned cart list. For example, the carts are put on the list if they are not completed in 1 hour. Especially, abandoned carts which are completed might be cleaned up or kept if you need.

Abandoned Cart Rules

Manage the rules

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Rules

Track all abandoned cart rules with from higher to lower priority.

How to set up a new rule

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Rules, click on Add Rule and follow the steps:

  • Set name for new rule
  • Choose audiences to enable the rule (website and customer group)
  • Select conditions to stop alerting customers
  • Set start date, end date and priority to manage all rules well.
  • Exclude and include exact product SKUs and categories if need
  • Configure email notification and accompanying coupon codes

Email Notification

How to create a new email

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Rule, access to Email sub-tabs

Magecheckout supports email template and the email will be sent automatically to notice about the unfinished shopping cart in a certain time interval you set up.


Use Add Email to insert email chain for one rule.

Edit email template

Login to Admin Panel > System > Transactional Emails > Add New Template

  • Load Abandoned Cart Demo from Template list
  • Edit any content you need
  • Finally, save new template to finish

Manage email transactions

Loign to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Email Transactions

Coupon Code

How to create coupon code

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Rules, access to Email sub-tab

  • To use coupon code feature, the conscription is enabling it
  • Fill out the pattern and active time for coupon code
  • Offer discount amount and assign to specific email in Use Coupon at Email field


Allow creating shopping cart rule for the coupon code. For example, give 10% off - 10OFF for customers whose value of cart is greater than $200.

Manage coupon code

Login to Admin Panel > Abandoned Cart > Coupon Codes

The manager coupon table is saved all generated coupon in detail through times used and expiration date.

Compatible with Magento One Step Checkout extension and Magento One Step Checkout