User Guide


The more thank you, the more customer’s satisfaction. Saying thank you is an amazing way for you in order to show your respect to your customers. Basing on Magento platform, Thank you page extension will make the relationship between store owners and customers more perfect.

How to use

Thank you page will display as the following image on order success page when customer meets all conditions admin set in back-end.

How to configure

Login to Admin Panel, Promotions -> Thank you page


You will enable Thank you page module in this tabs. Remember to select Yes for activating.

Manage Blocks

Every thank you rule is shown in detail on table manager, including Rule Name, From-To Date, Status, Website and Action (enable to edit here).

Create new Thank You rule

Click on Add Block button right away if you need to add a new thank you rule.

Your responsibility is completing necessary information which a rule must have.

Step 1: General Information
  • Name for the new rule. For example, Thank you for your purchase.


Description field is not compulsory for you, but the rule is clear if contain it.

  • Choose main website and customer groups for applying this rule.
  • Select Active status to allow the appearance of rule.

Besides, start and end date are optional for your aim.

Step 2: Conditions

The thank you rule is only applied until all required conditions are met. The conditions you set can be Product Attribute Combination, Product Subselection, Conditions Combination, and Cart Attributes.

Have an example for setting conditions:

Step 3: Actions

Allow choosing the position of Thank You page on the frontend.

Then click on Save or Save and Continue Edit button.

Edit existing Thank You rule

Especially, all fields are ready for modifying how to be more suitable for your campaign.

Compatible with Magento One Step Checkout extension and Magento One Step Checkout