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The deeper understanding about your customers, the more successful in your revenue. Detect the special information from them such as interests, preferences, date of birth by Magecheckout Customer Attributes extension . You have a great chance to get anything about new as well as existing customers when you are allowed creating and showing them on the registration page or in the customer account area.

How to configure

Go to Customers -> Attributes in Admin Panel, you will see two tabs which are ready for configuring customer attributes.

Manage Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes Manager page lists systemically all current attributes on your site via columns: Attribute Code, Attribute Label, Required, System, Visible on Front-end and Sort Order while offer sort order to display attribute on the frontend.

Add a new customer attribute

There are two sub-tabs that need to be completed.


The required fields for admin are entering attribute code and input type in Attributes Properties.


For internal use. Must be unique with no spaces. Maximum length of attribute code must be less than 21 symbols

For the input type, there are many types and let choose one by CMS Block

The rest is optional, you can finish anyone if suppose that it is necessary for you.

Finally, request about displaying are set in Frontend Properties
  • Remember to insert a number in sort order field.
  • Allow to show or not on Frontend or One Step Checkout page.
  • Wonder where to use the new attribute.

Manage Label/ Options

Insert label you name for the attribute. .. Note:

If you do not specify an option value for a specific store view then the default (Admin) value will be used.

Edit an existing customer attribute

Most of the fields are flexible for edit excepting for Attribute Code, Input Type, Sort Order and Form to Use in.

Manage Customer Address Attributes

Magecheckout Customer Attributes extension allows admin to manage address attributes separately. All data related to customer’s contact information might be country, company, telephone, or email, etc. They are useful so as to:

  • Contact to customers and inform about your promotion.
  • Classify customer group well with a suitable marketing campaign.

Customer Address Attributes will be shown on Customer Address Registration or Customer Account Address.

Similarly to Customer Attributes Manager page, address attributes are stored in the grid.

Add a new customer address attribute

Edit an existing customer address attribute

Compatible with Magento One Step Checkout extension and Magento One Step Checkout