Frequently Asked Questions


Which version of Magento is supported by Delivery Time?

This extension works with Magento Community Edition and also Magento Enterprise Edition.

I didn’t receive my email confirmation for Delivery Time.

The email confirmation will sent to you after a few minutes, so let wait it or you can check in spam box whether the email is in spam or not.

If you haven’t received confirmation yet, let tell us here and we will try to send it again.

How do I install Delivery Time?

Installation Service from MageCheckout is usually provided accompanying to products, but if you want to learn by yourself, pick Installation Guide up right away.

How do I uninstall Delivery Time?

The disability/ uninstallation is very easy for MageCheckout Delivery Time extension. Just follow this instruction!

If you have any trouble, please feel free to tell us by support ticket.

How long is my upgrade period?

MageCheckout support and update service are FREE and provided lifetime for every paid extensions.


What does it mean “Maximum Order Per Day”?

Depending on your offer, you are allowed to limit a number of orders per day. This means when there is enough orders, the days is disable on delivery time table. I think this feature help your store not be overloaded.

How do I change the position of Delivery Time in checkout/cart?

The Delivery Time is placed on shipping method step. It is possible to be after or before shipping methods (free shipping and flat rate) depending on your configuration in back-end.

Can I create comment box for customers?

It is not totally creating. If you install Delivery Time extension by MageChekout,the comment box is free for you to turn on or off, after that it is shown on checkout page.

Does it support multiple delivery time?

Yes, it does. As admin, you can add or remove delivery time range whenever you want.