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Are you sure that you brought the most comforts when clients go shopping on your e-Commerce store? The referred comforts here are choosing among various products, accepting multi-payment methods, and deciding to receive date and time by themselves. According to Econsultancy’s survey, “50% of respondents had abandoned a purchase because of inconvenient delivery options”. This means fixed delivery time is very uncomfortable to customers in shopping online. However, with Magecheckout Delivery Time extension, you will find the right way to solve and gain the best in your work.

How to use

By installing Delivery Time extension, admin endorses customer’s rights to schedule time on the checkout page.

In Shipping Method section, the customers will choose exact date and time at which they want to receive their items.

How to configure


Login to Admin Panel -> Delivery Time, there are 4 tabs you need to configure in Settings:

General Configuration

This setting will create an overview of delivery time’s displaying. Its position on the page is the first thing you need to select one of three places as following:

  • Section Before Shipping Method
  • Section After Shipping Method
  • Block

The delivery time functionality is not displayed.

Next, you will choose a format of the date, that might be Year - Month - Day or Day - Month - Year as you want.

For Advanced Label, it is not required field for you.


Must enable to activate the module.

Time Configuration

Weekdays field is where admin will set days for delivering. The chosen days is not available to distribute any product. For example, in the above image, your store will work to ship every order all time excluding Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, on some national holidays as Independence Day, your service cannot be also provided if you insert them on National Holidays field. And the holidays is separated by command clearly.

The extension allows setting up a specific time range (from … to …) and customers will select the relevant delivery time via Static Block.

  • Using time interval

In this case, the time interval can be setup the maximum and minimum time or not.
  • Not using time interval


Providing Delete and Add Range buttons make the configuration more flexible as it should be.

However, in the certain time, the delivery of time can be changed on the next days if you enable Disable Same Day Delivery After and Disable Next Day Delivery After functionalities

Depend on your ability in order to offer the maximum order you will ship per day. Example: Accept to ship 30 orders per day. For the 31th order, customer must choose the next days, and that day will be disabled on the delivery time schedule.

Advanced Configuration

Apart from scheduling the delivery time for each order, the extension supports a comment box, so customers can give more requests for their products or leave the best wishes to recipients.

Reminder Configuration

Amin will use email notification to remind clients about delivery time with email template by the system.

The email will be sent before 1 hours or anytime you want.

Delivery Rules

Set rules with the information: Name Rule, Status, Store View, Week Days, Time Range.


Should give priority if there are more than one delivery rule admin configure.

Compatible with Magento One Step Checkout extension and Magento One Step Checkout