How to transalte to my language?

Translate inline

This is simple but effect solution for store own.

From Magento Admin Panel, go to System > Configuration > Developer

You can see “Translate inline” section. Let’s enable them in Frontend or Admin.

Then Save Config and flush cache by going to System > Cache Management > Flush Magento Cache.

Now go to frontend and translate text into your language.

CSV file

In this tutorial, I am going to translate an extension to French.

CSV file name: Magecheckout_EXTENSION_NAME.csv

CSV File path: /app/locale/en_US/Magecheckout_EXTENSION_NAME.csv

Copy /app/locale/en_US/Magecheckout_EXTENSION_NAME.csv into /app/locale/fr_FR/Magecheckout_EXTENSION_NAME.csv

Open Magecheckout_EXTENSION_NAME.csv in French folder and edit them.

All strings should start and end with double quotes and should be separated with comma (,), not a semicolon or any other sign.

“My Cart”,”Mon panier”