Frequently Asked Questions


What Magento Editions/Versions is compatible with?

The Community package of One Step Checkout (OSC) supports the latest editions of Magento Community (CE 1.4 - 1.9.x). The Enterprise package is compatible with EE 1.9 - 1.14.x .

Magento 2: Coming soon.

How long do I get support and update?

MageCheckout support and update service are FREE and provided lifetime for every paid extensions.

How to get the checkout extension’s demo on your site?

It is so easy to see that at

We bring to our customers a live demo which is totally similar to the module you are about to buy. If you want to experience as admin, this means making changes to the settings and following the checkout change based on your settings, the stanbox demo will help you for that.

All of things purpose to give you real experiences, thus you are able to evaluate exactly about the quality of OSC extension and the final is buying it for your store. If you have any difficulty in using the live demo, let us know here

Can I have a trial version for One Step Checkout?

We doesn’t offer a trial. Instead of, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with our solutions.

Does One Step Checkout support for multiple stores?

Absolutely for that. Besides, the extension also supports for different languages such as English, French, German.

How do you setup One Step Checkout on LIVE store with customers?

For more convenience, the installation of extension is ready without any affecting the live store. The installation is performed while your store don’t happen any change because of available separate URL, and will not be shown for the public on your store until you put it live for your customers. So so you are free to customize and make your changes to the checkout and make sure it is 100% the way you want it.


What are the difference between MageCheckout OSC and others?

Magecheckout is an rare vendor who support Google maps suggestion technology feature for your OSC. Moreover, MageCheckout has many competitive features, including:

  • We support multiple designs for multiple stores, you can choose 1, 2 or 3 columns layout option to fit with your store’s style.
  • We support almost popular payment methods and shipping methods.
  • MageCheckout be was created in accordance to latest responsive standards, flat design and works perfectly on all devices. This design works also perfectly on devices with Retina displays. Logo, icons or images are totally sharp and looks amazing.
  • Additionally, we commit to support lifetime and update lifetime for your purchases that you have to pay one time for what you need only without any extra fee.

With great features, reasonable price and friendly supporting system, we are convinced that Magegiant OSC is best choice for you.

What are your outstanding features comparing with others?

  • The fastest checkout module.
  • The most functions for checkout page.
  • Compatible with most payment methods.
  • Outstanding features and reasonable price.
  • High quality of code, easy to custom.
  • Update new features frequently.
  • One-time payment and free lifetime support, update.

What should I do to remove unnecessary fields if I want?

It is flexible to add or remove any attribute which you think it is not important in settings when you are as admin. It maybe: Company name

  • Fax number
  • Telephone number
  • City (for countries where city isn’t part of the address)
  • Region/State
  • Zip code

Payment Method and Shipping Method

Can I use the regular payment and shipping methods in Magento?

With MageCheckout OSC, you are allowed to use any shipping and payment method you see comfortably for you and your customers. If you have different available methods in different countries, you can also set a default country in the backend, so it will display the proper methods immediately when the clients go to choose payment/shipping method step.

Can I use for paying?

Yes, you can do this and certainly work very well with One Step Checkout extension.

Is PayPal ready for using as payment method?

PayPal is the smart and popular payment method in shopping online, so PayPal is surely available when you install One Step Checkout by MageCheckout. Customers will be redirected to the PayPal website when you place an order to confirm their PayPal information.

Can I use a custom payment method?

In case you don’t want to use the default payment method, you can freely offer a custom payment method that still work smoothly with One Step Checkout.

What shipping methods does the extension support?

They are Free Shipping and Flate Rate. You can set default for them or let customers choose what they want.


How do you install One Step Checkout?

If you purchase Community One Step Checkout (added Installation Service) and Enterprise OSC version from MageCheckout vendor, the free installation is included in product package. However, if you want to know more clearly, please get the link Installation Service.

Does the module override any core Magento files?

It is no for the module overriding any core Magento files which means it never will be in conflict with other Magento extensions.

Can our technicians/programmers customize the checkout?

All things are flexible for your technicians or programmers to customize and create own checkout page for your website. Furthermore, you can contact us to be supported your requests by support ticket

What languages are supported?

One Step Checkout extension supports for multiple languages such as English (default), French, German,..

What Magento versions are supported?

Until now, we provide two version for Magento One Step Checkout: Community and Enterprise while Community version is divided into 2 packages. They are one includes Installation Service and another doesn’t.

Q: I’ve got error: Destination folder not writable media/magecheckout/securedcheckout/css/generator

A: You have to make sure folder media\magecheckout\securedcheckout\css\generator is writable, type:

chmod 777 media\magecheckout\securedcheckout\css\generator

Is the source code encoded/encrypted in any way?

No, the code is 100% open source instead of fixed code in any way, that means you can read it and custom it as needs.

Because in our opinion, the encoding is cumbersome for our clients when they want to make extension more suitable for their stores and more special to their audience.


Can make changes of performance?

Our One Step Checkout is 100% open source extension, so the custom is free to implement and the visual changes are absolutely fine. You can:

  • Change colors with 8 basic colors and 9th color for customizing as needs of yourself.
  • Design 1, 2 or 3 columns of order steps on checkout page.

Can we place the checkout directly in the shopping cart?

Yes, you can place Checkout button on shopping cart and therefore, finish the process more quickly in case you have more than one item to checkout.