User Guide

With Magecheckout Store Locator extension, it is not difficult for e-commerce merchants’ market penetration. This extension is the great idea to introduce your chain of stores quickly and effectively by enabling to publish the information (name, address, website, contact and products on sale) of any store. The more active you are, the more customers come to you.

How to use

Searching Engine

By generating many attributes, customers can find the best stores with needed products and nearest to their position regardless of location. Three steps for the most effective seeking:

  • Search by area asks to enter country, city manually or more conveniently, the extension can auto-locate customer’s current position by Geocode technology if store admin approves.
  • Search by distance offers specific radius to find stores (the maximum and minimum radius is set by you)
  • Filter by tags to make customer’s need clearer, allow filtering categories of product

For example: find stores which sell men’s clothes are within 5 kilometers distance from Brooklyn, New York.

After that, click on Submit button to start seeking.

Store List

The results are stores meeting all required conditions and shown on Store List. Besides seeing the stores on Google Maps, integrating 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery allows the customers to get detailed direction how to go there in the fastest way.

Store Details

Behind the store link, all information including store address, contact details and working hours are ready to pick up.

How to configure

Login to Magento Admin Panel > Store Locator, get 4 tabs:

Store Location Information

Go to Store Locator > Store Location, click on Add Store Location button

General Information

In the Store Information tab,

  • Enter store name and leave a short description.
  • Upload some images of store view and allow showing on Store Locator
  • Choose the store view and especially, you can let customers comment on your store.
  • Give the basic information about the contact and working hours to be closer to clients. All fields are open to edit.

Address Information

In the Store Location, auto-updating address information is supported by Store Locator extension, that means you only need to insert full address and then others such as zip code, state/province, country, so on are completed automatically. In addition, Google Map Integration is applied here.

Store Location Conditions

For each category of your products, Show Store Location link is available to display the stores of which the items are in stock.

To do that, you need to set a rule from Magento admin and the rule is applied if all conditions are met.

Store Location Attributes

Go to Store Locator > Manage Store Locator Attributes

You can create multiple Store Location Attributes by clicking on Add new Store Location Attribute button.

This extension permits various catalog input types for the store owner.

Next, let add attribute options if your above choice is multi-select or dropdown.

The created attributes can be assigned to a specific store location. When Customers click on any tag as preferred, the extension shows stores tagged with that label.

Store Location Comments

Go to Store Locator > Manage Store Location Comments

The highlighted key of Magento Store Locator is that it is possible to leave comments directly on your store. The comment will be not displayed until store admin approves it.

Store Locator Settings

Go to Store Locator > Settings

Enable the module

It is easy to apply or not Store Locator extension for your chain of store.

Turn on the auto-locating functionality

In Auto Geocode field from Google Map Configuration, select Yes for enabling.

Change Store Icon

If you don’t want to use current store icon, from Magento Configuration, you can upload another image as expectation and insert its height and width in Maker Dim field.

Design Store List section

Enable to select one of a unlimited number of color brought by Store Locator extension for a list of store location.

Store Finder Configuration

Limit the searching by distance by ask for Min Distance Slider, Max Distance Slider, Step Distance Slider and Start Distance Slider.

Compatible with Magento One Step Checkout extension and Magento One Step Checkout